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Soultronica Vol.6 – Elastic Heart

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The story goes, this year I left Burningman to fly to NY for 48hrs to do an event. Under normal circumstances that would have been strange and fine but with the rain and hail at the beginning of the week slowing the populating of the city to a halt, many processes were delayed including my…

Poolside this Summer at The Standard


Yippee! First LA Poolside party coming up! I’ll be back in August too. Thanks to The Standard, Hollywood for inviting me out. Looking forward to meeting Blu Jemz, who I know was over at East Village Radio too, but we never had the chance to meet. I’m about to put the happy+sexy on The Standard….

New mix, ¡Paleta! – Global Bass African tunes


I did this mix for me expecting that it would seem way out of left field for fans who follow the Soultronica mixes. I’ve been playing Global Bass for 6 years now and have been leaning towards African tunes for a while now. Happy to report being invited to play a few parties in LA…

Love playing for Converse


That’s all. I love playing with converse. It’s awesome to have sneakers be a prerequisite for djing sometimes! Love Chucks, and the music I get to pick out for them. xo LA! 


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YEP, It’s overdue! I’m excited to report that one of the web designers for Disney is overseeing the redesign of  my website in the next few weeks. Giving you a sneak peek to the new art design. xo    


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Hey ya’ll I was tickled to be asked to curate a month of Music Mondays for Ace Hotel. My idea was to match up one of our writing staff from Okayfuture [who are all veteran, tastemake djs] with an up-and-coming producer for night of future-music-collaboration. I’m flying in this weekend for my set with producer Mystress on…

Soultronica vol.5 splashing on blogs

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My own website is the last place to actually post Soultronica vol.5, sorry peeps! I try and house every one of my mixes here on my Sound page but I’ve been a x-country traveling bag lady for the last 7 weeks. Finally plunked down in LA and I’m busy collecting all the love from URB,…

DJing for LuluLemon + Bumble & Bumble

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                          Thank you to the yogis, Lululemon & Bumble and Bumble for having me set the music to the night. I’m always so tickled when I get asked to dj for companies whose products I think are great. (In fact, I don’t think…

DJing at Laughing Lotus Yoga

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Happy to report that I’ve been djing classes at Laughing Lotus Yoga,  NYC. Yoga classes and Silent Discos have to be two of my favorite means to tapping straight into the heart and mind via music. No distractions of social politics or getting a drink at the bar, it’s a straight line in. I love…

Butch Diva x DJ:Eko

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NSFW & not for the faint-of-heart! Here’s the summertime banger mix for the ride. M.I.A. : Bad Girls (NARS Mix feat Missy Elliott) Flosstradamus : Hood Fantasy Chelley : Took The Night Ciara feat. Ludacris : Ride (So Shifty Remix) Rihanna : Cockiness (love it) Brandy : Put It Down (Kingdom’s edit) TNGHT + Jay-Z…

Q: You think I love my job?

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        Question: You think I love my job? Answer: slightly.                        

exclusive mix for RECESS:NEW YORK

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              hey, my friend Khairi from Puma is a actually a double agent. That Puma stuff is really a front. His life is actually really all about scheduling RECESS [ie. games for all us music-industry New Yorkers to play like ping pong, bowling tourneys and badminton on Governor's Island]….

Distant Lights Vol.5 for Hush Hush Records #soultronica

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I’m happy to report I have brethren in Seattle in the form of one Alex Ruder from KEXP.  He has recently started a label called Hush Hush [] that features producer Kid Smpl.. who is going to be here in New York for the Red Bull Academy (congrats!). Alex has a mix series at the…

djing for denitia and sene @free candy, bkny

denitia and sene

      That was uber fun. Thanks to Fader sweethearts, Denitia and Sene for having me dj their Album release party. Peep their album HERE on itunes             My favorites are Casanova and Stupid World! Click on the foto below for a link-thru :]  

Pie vs. Pi

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              A manager I was working with briefly last year, gave me A LOT of homework. To explain myself as a dj, she had me make a Pie Chart of genres. I wrestled with it a bit.. having a tough time pinning down my sound to genres and %…

URB Magazine reviews :: Soultronica vol.3 :: dj eko blushes [download]

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“Hot off the heels of a recent feature on Okayplayer, URB Alum, Erica Olsen, otherwise known as DJ Eko has shared her most recent outing– Soultronica Vol 3. Just what was needed to close out the office night, this mix sent us out floating and into the ether.  Despite the ‘airy-ness’ of the mix, there…

Ritual :: Silent Disco :: Cumba Mela, DirtyFingers, DJ Eko, Nappy G, Nickodemus, Small Change, Still Life

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  Silent Discos are my FAVORITE plus I get to play alongside all my most dear tropical/global boys. heaven.

22 Songs to Cook to: A Soulful Playlist by DJ Eko for Skinny Ms Magazine


I picked out a rad playlist to sing and dance around the kitchen too for Skinny Ms [Health & Fitness Magazine]. They’re even in a particular order. xo   This is what they had to say: “We found DJ Eko this 4th of July via her super pumped up Electro Yum mix. Hopping online and visiting…

Tropic of Capricorn vol.1

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I have been wanting to do a personal version of a reggae/dancehall mix all season, but I got way too busy. Then, my crate of potential songs got too big. Then I realized that some people dig roots/reggae and some like edgy dancehall but there are clearly people who don’t don’t dig both. I didn’t…

Burning Man : Going home…

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I’m going for early entry and to play for my beloved camp, Laughing Monkey along with my hometeam soundcamp, Nexus. Looking forward to what adventures await.

Paleta! Tropical smasher… Aug11 w/Cumba Mela, Still Life, Joro Boro, Chief Boima y mas

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  HEY, daytime tropical smasher party on the radar. Talented dj/producer homies will all be in the house and trading off on picking out tunes. The backyard has shade, a sprinkler to run through, like you had in the front yard of your grandma’s house when you were a kid in your superfriends chones [oh,…

Makossa Cookout coming soon! Saturday, July 28th

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The homie DJ Wonway, in collaboration with Fresthetic, DJ Tara and Fam-a-lam Deephunk have managed to create a beautiful summertime ritual gathering of cool folks. Not that kind of party where everyone is too cool to dance and watching the door for who comes in. Rainbow shades of all folks are knee-deep in bbque and…

We doin’ it up Crooklyn style w/Onra

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aWOOooo. When I said I wanted to do a Brooklyn backyard party this summer, I got what I wanted. full-on Crooklyn summertime steeze. bring your handfans, spray bottles, water guns and parasols tomorruh! let’s kick it BK style. 2-9pm. I’ll be fanning people tomorrow. that, and drankin! anyone got one of those regulated fire-hydrant openers? bring…

Beyonce’s Memorial Day takeover at Revel dj:eko poolside

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I got recruited to bring my Soultronica sound poolside for Beyonce’s big Memorial Day Weekend takeover of Revel Resort. Beyonce is playing 4 nights. Several of them are sold out already? I’m on the poolside decks, pre-show from noon to 6, all day in the summer sunshine. I’m so pleased I could turn into a nimbus cloud…

Future Bass at Bastrdzm w/Joro Boro… TONIGHT!


  I quite enjoy being a floating head on this flyer. Bout to play some sexy bass tonight. yee.  

Going home to the Bay next week…

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I get to see all my family within 24 hours.. then I get to dj to dj with two of my favorite djs in two of my favorite cities. Thursday, May 10 at the new spot adjacent to The New Parrish in OAK called The Rocksteady, with my medulla oblongata, Be Brown. We have not…

Okayplayer loves up Soultronica Vol.2

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After being interviewed and featured in Parlour Magazine, Okayplayer jumped in and featured volume 2 in their mix column. ♥ Holleur at this mix series if you are lacking sexy mantras in your life. Okayplayer said i’m “Back to burn!”.. and you know i likes that. xo “DJ Eko recently blessed us with a soultronica mix…

Parlour Magazine Interview & Soultronica Vol.2

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Soultronica Vol.2 is here.   Check out Eko’s interview with Parlour Magazine   Parlour Magazine hit me up for Soultronica Volume 2 and an interview after the release of Vol.1 with Okayplayer. Folks know I release less than a handful of mixes a year. However, when I was making the first one, I knew it…


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Brooklyn Bodega x Couch Sessions Presents SxSW Circus March 14 Austin,TX Miguel? Electric Wire Hustle? The Stepkids? Morri$? Alice Russell? B.Lewis? Pharoahe Monch? Yes! I’m in there, laying down sexy hawt soul sh*te with the best of ‘em!!! I was drooling on this line up and then 24hrs later I was djing with them. lovelife…

Enchanted Forest Silent Disco at SxSW

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  Coming UP! Saturday, March 17th   It puts a smile on my face every time I think about silent discos. I still have to explain to people what they are. [djs transmitting to a wireless-headphoned audience, no out-loud music at all, not even a monitor for us.] And then I have to explain the…

dj eko feeling the love…

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Soultronica hits 3000 listeners. I remember when I couldn’t get booked to play the sexy bass music I wanted to play.. (or rather, put on an opening slot because of it). And that was only 4 years ago. I’m glad the tides are changing in my favor. Super stoked on the reception of the mix…

Okayplayer releases Soultronica vol. 1

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I decided a couple years ago that I’d be starting a series called Soultronica. I love searching out the convergence of soul music and electronic music. It’s one of my favorite combinations. With Soultronica, I did one of the things I do best. I put the sexy on it. I had to get the dark and…

East Village Radio – DJ Eko hosts WorldWide Smash

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I stepped in for DJ Still Life on EVR when he was in Berlin last month. His show focus is “global bass music, raw beats, dubstep, glitch and other emerging forms of electronic music.” I got to step in the air-room, all to myself and lay the sexy down on WorldWide and boy, did I…

Fashion Week DJ Profile

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Here’s a little fluffy fashion write-up by Oribe for Fashion Week about my style and music.  ”I love an edgy mixture of playful, athletic and high fashion, i.e. dresses with hoods and onesies with sneaker boots.” -djeko   5 songs in heavy rotation on your playlist right now: SBTRKT – SBTRKT Jamie Woon – Mirrorwriting…

The Paleta party at Bembe NYC

paleta radio web

The Paleta party at Bembe has been such good mojo. Collaborating with CumbaMela, DJ Panamami, Wonway, Chief Boima & Geko Jones has been too fun.  To celebrate, I’m posting the tropical radio show I did on EVR this summer around the Latin Alternative Music Conference. Lots of people aren’t familiar with my tropical-latin-digitaldancehall-african steeze. So here’s…

DJ Eko at Coachella 2011

dj eko coachella 2011

Thanks to Global Inheritance for inviting me to play. I treated them to a break from the crazy adrenaline-filled, throat-grabbing sets that were so popular this year. Sunset always demands something special. So I picked out lots of sexy cutting-edge bass music. And since I got to be there all three days this year, I…

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