Fashion Week DJ Profile

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Here’s a little fluffy fashion write-up by Oribe for Fashion Week about my style and music.

 “I love an edgy mixture of playful, athletic and high fashion, i.e. dresses with hoods and onesies with sneaker boots.” -djeko

5 songs in heavy rotation on your playlist right now:
Jamie Woon – Mirrorwriting
Heartbreak Presents: Moombahsoul
Hudson Mohawke – Freek
Thornato – Capoera



Skinny Ms magazine liked my Turbo Yum mix for workouts so much, they asked me to put together a playlist for cooking healty food in the kitchen. I picked out a rad playlist to sing and dance around the kitchen. xo

“We found DJ Eko this 4th of July via her super pumped up Electro Yum mix. Hopping online and visiting her website we learned that she has DJ’d for Beyonce and was featured in Martha Stewart Magazine [how to find real djs for weddings]. DJ Eko generally globe trots, splitting her time between NYC and the West Coast. Seeing her vast catalogue of mixes and the fact she plays everything from yoga classes to Coachella, we figured she could curate an amazing list of special goodies as a soundtrack to inspire all of our readers in the kitchen. So, while you pull out the veggies to chop and cut, slice and dice, here are DJ eko’s soulful, upbeat tunes for a good long session of cooking and grooving in the kitchen.

If you want more tunes for Sunday pancake-making sessions or cocktail hour, hightail it over to her sunny downtempo mix entitled, Sol Du Brasil. If you need to burn all of the nom-nom calories off, hit Electro Yum – Turbo for an awesome gym workout soundtrack.

-Skinny Ms.

DJ Eko at COACHELLA 2011

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Thanks to Global Inheritance for inviting me to come play on the Polo field two years in a row. I treated them to a break from the crazy adrenaline-filled, throat-grabbing sets that were so popular this year.

Sunset always demands something special. So I picked out lots of sexy cutting-edge bass music.

And since I got to be there all three days this year, I have to report back on the best performances. My awards go to: Joy Orbison, Ellie Goulding, Francis and the Lights and Sleigh Bells.. who absolutely kicked ass, hands down.



Makossa | BKNY

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Happy to play with the homies DJ Wonway, DJ Tara and Fam-a-lam Deephunk at the beautiful summertime ritual gathering of cool folks from the Bay and BK. Not that kind of party where everyone is too cool to dance and watching the door for who comes in. Rainbow shades of all folks are knee-deep in beats.

Truly, this party is hella cool and one of my favorites.