dj eko feeling the love…

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Soultronica hits 3000 listeners. I remember when I couldn’t get booked to play the sexy bass music I wanted to play.. (or rather, put on an opening slot because of it). And that was only 4 years ago. I’m glad the tides are changing in my favor. Super stoked on the reception of the mix that OKP put out for me. People from Japan to Germany have reached out and said hello. That is hella SUGOI!!! (cool! in Japanese). I’m getting the hang of how blogging mixes works and how everyone puts their own spin on what they are posting. This intro from The Upper Cloud just tickled me soooo. I had to share.


“It’s Valentine’s Day eve (V-day by the time you might read this), and typically I’d be compiling a soundtrack to get in the mood. Or simply enter “Musiq Soulchild” and “Tevin Campbell” into my pandora app. Today, I lucked out when I browsed to one of my daily reads, which posted and led me to someone named DJ Eko. Praising her skills, music choice, and postings in the past, Okayplayer elected this mix for release on their Mixtape Mondays. Three tracks in I hear the The Weeknd, followed up by No Summer4U….Game over..I had to download the mix and immediately put it onto my phone. If the rest of it is half as dope as I’ve already experienced I know I am going to love it.

The mix is called Soultronica Vol. 1. A mix of Soul and Electronica that is so timely done and wisely chosen, it really does give a totally new spin on your typically Valentine’s Day mix that you would expect. Of course, it would be good for any day this 2012.” – UpperCloud