Tropic of Capricorn vol.1

dj eko, djeko, reggae, ekogirl, soultronica

I have been wanting to do a personal version of a reggae/dancehall mix all season, but I got way too busy. Then, my crate of potential songs got too big. Then I realized that some people dig roots/reggae and some like edgy dancehall but there are clearly people who don’t don’t dig both. I didn’t want to harsh anyones vibe, hence Vol.1 first. When I describe this mix, I’ve been using the terms “weird reggae” & “non-traditional”.

However, the word “weird” is commonly perceived as derogatory. So, I hopped on good ol’ for synonyms. One of which is the word “magic”. So, this is a mix of MAGIC REGGAE TUNES. Ha ha ha. Which means, songs on here are kinda reggae or are remixed in a reggae style or embody some roots vibe, without being the cliche songs that everyone and their brother always play. I aimed to put surprise songs on here that are un-expected. If you are still getting to know me, then I’ll give you a hint.. I love playing out of left field. That, and challenging & delighting listeners with things they have not heard before.

ps. don’t get mad ‘that song’ is on there. it’s probably the best remix you’ve heard of it ever. so, shush.



djeko, dj eko, reggae, soultronica